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A guide to historical sources held within the northern areas council

This useful guide collated by the Northern Areas History Group provides a useful guide to the organisations and records held in the area 

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History Council Banner 

The History Council Banner  banner, designed by Alison Fort, seeks to represent something of the diverse historical themes, locations and periods in which members of the History Council are interested and involved. 

As the peak body for history in this state we represent a broad membership, including secondary and tertiary history teachers whose professional concerns embrace  history in the broadest sense. So while the selection of images has a strong SA bias, it is not restricted to South Australian subjects. 

Images were drawn mainly from South Australian collections, but also from interstate and overseas. We are most grateful to the various rights-holders for permission to reproduce these images.

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History Council Website Images

Each main page of this website features a distinctive pictorial image of South Australian life. Most of the original photographs reproduced here date from the first half of the twentieth century. 

The one exception depicts a relatively new aspect of the rural landscape in a state committed to reducing its former reliance on energy generated by fossil fuels.We are most grateful to the State Library of South Australia, National Archives of  Australia and a private collector for permission to reproduce these images.

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  • Caring for collections and How to Fund It

    Two workshop dates available in September and October 2018

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